2022: Third Quarter

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of this period is that Saturn, now retrograde for several months, is once more ‘revisiting’ its recent square with Uranus. 

At the beginning of July it is still wide, but by late August and through September it is very close, although it does not quite become exact. The full moon in mid August emphasises the Saturn-Uranus square for a while too. 

We can continue to expect disruption (Uranus) at the material level (Uranus is in Taurus), necessitating the discipline and restrictions that Saturn brings, but also the possibility that the sharing of a common challenge will help to bring people together – Saturn is in Aquarius – in the adversity that so many face.

Mars begins July in aspect with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, and although that doesn’t last long it is a brief opportunity to put extra energy and effort into dealing with long-term and seemingly intractable problems. 

As July gives way to August, Mars conjoins Uranus in Taurus, putting energy into dealing with material/economic problems, although the square with Saturn indicates some frustration and, once again, the likelihood that economic sacrifices will be necessary.

A feeling of change begins in late August as Mars moves from Taurus into Gemini, stimulating thinking and communication issues. 

At the end of September Mars ‘mediates’ the Saturn-Uranus square, helping with ideas for overcoming the economic difficulties, whether global or local. The new Moon at this time also aspects Saturn-Uranus, so, an important time altogether for addressing these issues.

Simon Bentley, Head of Astrology